Proiectus is a young and innovative service provider for the fruit processing industries, juices and beverage bottlers.
Its market capability and technology know-how is based  on experience and  knowledge accumulated by its founder and
owner, Axel Reinhardt, within more than 20 years of activities for an international company , leading  supplier of natural
ingredients, juices and beverage compounds for food and beverage  industries in Europe and Brazil.

Proiectus has in its portfolio national and international first-line clients and executed or participated in projects from different areas as:

         FRUIT PROCESSING:    

  • Processing citrus and tropical fruits to juice and juice concentrates;
  • Natural ingredients from byproducts of fruit processing;
  • Coconut - Production and filling of coconut water in Brazil and Asia;
  • Special and clarified juice concentrates – process and production;
  • Utilization of residues in vegetable processing plants (artichoke, asparagus) for active compounds recovery;
  • Grape and apple juice processing and filling;
  • Vegetable juice and extracts.




  • Consulting to local, national and international beverage and juices companies in areas of Product  Development - new products , portfolio expansion ,value addition .
  • Feasibility studies for start-ups in beverage and juice segment.



  • Integrated plants for syrup or final beverage preparation
  • Batch or continuous dissolution units for sugar and powders
  • Dosing and mixing systems for beverage preparation
  • Ultra-clean technology development for filling of juices in PET, without preservatives and additives, and plant implementation
  • Aseptic bag-in-box filling of ready to drink  beverages and juices
  • HPP-High pressure pasteurization system integrated with juice blending and filling
  • Traditional thermal pasteurization systems
  • Nonconventional preservation methods like  UV light, electrical pulse (PEF) and high pressure (HPP) applied to juices
  • Integrated juice plants with bulk reception and storage in aseptic and automatic tank systems
  • CIP units for Integrated and automatic cleaning and disinfection of beverage and juice plan.


Focusing on the technological demands of the fruit processing, juice and beverage industries,  PROIECTUS provides  services in three main areas: